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Eric Hopper

Thank you isn’t enough words to express the gratitude I have for Richard Fleek and Minutes Wisely. You gave this Army Vet a great memory with his Navy Vet Uncle. Thank you so much for hooking us up for an amazing time. 2 die hard Lions fans may have left with the L but it’s the experience we will remember for a lifetime.

Amanda VanHooser

Thanks to Richard Fleek and the Minutes Wisely podcast, I got to take this Vietnam Veteran to the Lions game! And they won!!!

Brad & Josh

LETS F*CKING GOOOOO‼️ #OnePride #RestoreTheRoar #MNF #MondayNightFootball It's #hutchinsonbobblehead night! Thank you Richard Fleek for hooking us up with tickets!

Jason Conner

THANK YOU TO Minutes Wisely for having me in #DETROIT. Minutes wisely is a NON PROFIT that raises money to bring attention to VETERANS SUICIDE. Stop the taboo BS. MENTAL HEALTH IS REAL folks! I am a ADVOCATE and one who has suffered greatly. Its my BIRTHDAY 🎉🏈. Please consider a donation to MINUTES WISELY. Want more info on how you can support ❤️. Please contact Richard Fleek or Paul Freeman

Our mission is to provide a platform through which we can raise awareness and support for veterans at risk of suicide, to combat the stigma surrounding mental health, and to enable veterans to connect with and support each other so that no veteran is ever left behind.


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