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Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely. ~Thomas P. Murphy



About Me

I feel like I have always been the underdog in life. I was born premature with double pneumonia, I had zero confidence in myself as a child and I rarely spoke a word. I felt like everything I did I screwed it up. In high school, the shyness was in full force and it was lonely. I had very few, select friends and pretty much didn’t talk to anyone else. I was a horrible student and I hated school. I've always had a strong passion for my country, flag and family. That same shy kid who never spoke became a community leader in Dearborn, giving speeches in front of live audiences, being interviewed by news & radio stations, and having dinner with people like Medal of Honor recipients, politicians and even the Secretary of the Navy. One time I found myself on a conference call with the White House. I even walked the Dearborn Memorial Day parade route down Michigan Avenue with the commander of the Old Guard (the man in charge of military burials at Arlington National Cemetery).


This blog is about life lessons and how a shy kid who never spoke a word transformed and married the love of his life, had 4 awesome and beautiful kids and became a leader in the Veteran Community in Dearborn, Michigan.


I have a fire in my chest, sometimes it’s a pilot light and sometimes it’s a blazing inferno. When it’s an inferno there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

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